Selah.. “Pause, and think …”

My instinct is to create! Though feelings try to hold me back, it is my creative instinct which does not go to sleep, it keeps tugging at my hearts desire to try again, to action, to never give up!

I feel as if I totally overworked my portrait to the point of not submitting it to the Royal Art Academy this year! But never the less it is not completely dead! The right of my painted face outshines the messed up left side of this painting still leaving me something to work with. Still this canvas has life within its painted strokes as if to say rework me, I can still be the painting you wish to see.

A bit like life in retrospect. I might not be where I want to be in some aspects of my life and with this painting, but at least I’m not where I use to be and I am grateful that I am alive to still be who I want to be and to create and paint for change!


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