About Me..

About me?…South African at birth now living in London, happily married to a Sicilian. I am exploring the depths of my art and how to go about using it, painting for change.

For me art is so much more than what the eye sees but rather how art can make you feel, evoking emotion through its content, colour and design.

I am proudly South African but not proud of the government. I am hoping to  bring change to my country one day, painting life for how it is in South Africa. Not to remember the past but to highlight the now and hope for the future for everyone.


3 thoughts on “About Me..

  1. Welcome and thank you for the like on my latest blog post. I also want to mention I admire your commitment to assist a better future for South Africa and the world, really. With more people like you, it will be! All the best to you,


    1. Hi Adriana, Thank you for the consistent encouragement, appreciate it 🙂 still meant to comment .. love your blog and how inspired you are as an artist! Wish I could’ve come to your exhibition but wish you all the best and every success 🙂 if ever you are in London do come and say Hi 🙂

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      1. That is very kind, sweet of you to mention 😊 As for exhibitions, I’m usually planning the next before starting the current ones, so as long as I have life I will love doing them. Thank you also for the invitation in London. I’d love that someday. You are just as welcome to stop by if ever you’re in the New York area. Stay well and creative as you are!

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